According to Insurance Ireland (the Insurance Industry representative body), personal injury insurance fraud is often perceived as being different from other types of crime as it is viewed as a victimless crime where no one is hurt. In the overall scheme of things, the making of a false claim or the exaggeration of a genuine claim by a few thousand Euro is seen as the proverbial drop in the ocean of the finances of insurance companies. However, the reality is very different. While most claims are genuine, a small minority of people make fraudulent and exaggerated claims. Insurance fraud costs insurance companies in Ireland an estimated €100 million annually which ends up being paid by honest policyholders.

Our Insurance investigations help Insurance companies to verify the validity of claims through a process of evidence gathering based on legal principles. Investigations and surveillance evidence are gathered and conducted in line with constitutional and data protection principles which allows our clients to make the most informed strategy decisions and  to put forward the best and most efficient defence possible.

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