Director Of Investigations Carlsen Cloney on Private Investigations with Midlands Radio.



Director Of Investigations Carlsen Cloney on Data Protection and Private Investigations with Midlands Radio.



Director Of Investigations Carlsen Cloney on Private Investigations and Legal Services with Midlands Radio.




Debt resolution

Cloney Legal Services impressed with their perseverance and determination in locating and determining critical information on distinct occasions. CLS came well recommended and got the job done.

JS, Dublin, Ireland

Family law

My child’s father, by his own choice, had no part in my child’s life. He also chose not to pay the maintenance he was ordered to pay in court and moved away, so he could not be found. I got in touch with Cloney Legal Services and asked if they could help, which they did. They were extremely reasonable compared to others and they got results!! 
I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them or use them again.

KF, Kildare, Ireland.


“I debated for a long time before I decided to use a Private Investigator and through word of mouth Cloney Legal Services were recommended to me.  The work was carried out swiftly and effectively and left me in no doubt about my cheating husband. I was treated in a very sympathetic and compassionate manner and was also given some advice on where to acquire legal advice.I couldn’t recommend them highly enough. Cloney Legal Services, does exactly what it says on the tin!”



Personal Injury Insurance

We had a difficult personal injury case with the legals drawing it out forever until Carlsen produced some excellent detailed video footage showing the man able to do some very ‘heavy lifting’. That concentrated the minds  quickly and produce the desired settlement result for us.


GJD. Galway Ireland


Excellent work, top class video, fair play.

PM. Clare, Ireland



 Private Investigater, Insurance, Family law, Employment law, Portlaoise, Laois. Midlands, Ireland



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